Advances in Skin Regeneration: Application of Electrospun Scaffolds

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The paucity of cellular and molecular signals essential for normal wound healing makes severe dermatological ulcers stubborn to heal. The novel strategies of skin regenerative treatments are focused on the development of biologically responsive scaffolds accompanied by cells and multiple biomolecules resembling structural and biochemical cues of the natural extracellular matrix (ECM). Electrospun nanofibrous scaffolds provide similar architecture to the ECM leading to enhancement of cell adhesion, proliferation, migration and neo tissue formation. This Review surveys the application of biocompatible natural, synthetic and composite polymers to fabricate electrospun scaffolds as skin substitutes and wound dressings. Furthermore, the application of biomolecules and therapeutic agents in the nanofibrous scaffolds viz growth factors, genes, antibiotics, silver nanoparticles, and natural medicines with the aim of ameliorating cellular behavior, wound healing, and skin regeneration are discussed.

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