OTA-C Filters with Finite Zeros

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In this paper we present a novel technique for OTA-C filter realizations with finite zeros based on doubly loaded passive ladder networks. Only grounded capacitors are needed; all floating capacitors are replaced with active simulations eliminating bottom-plate parasitic capacitors and non-observable poles. Bandpass, highpass and bandstop filters are easily obtained from a lowpass OTA-C prototype applying standard frequency transformations that preserve the active simulation of floating capacitors, i.e. the finite zeros realization. Also, we address the high frequency stability problem of highpass and bandstop OTA-C filters simulating doubly loaded passive ladder networks. These filters usually have floating nodes where the OTA excess-phase acting over the nodal parasitic capacitance can introduce unstable poles at high frequencies. The stability problem is fairly the same for highpass and bandstop OTA-C filters based on approximations with and without finite zeros; only the most complex case (filters with finite zeros) will be addressed here.

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