Novel Canonic Current Mode DDCC Based SRCO Synthesized Using a Genetic Algorithm

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A survey of the technical literature reveals that synthesis of Current Mode (CM) oscillators using single active building block (ABB) requires an additional identical or complementary current terminal to sense and take out the current output. The topologies of these oscillators are essentially based on the current mode approach. They use a Voltage Controlled Voltage Source (VCVS) and two current terminals to implement the CM oscillator. In the present paper, a novel DDCC (Differential Difference Current Conveyor, introduced in Chiu et al. (IEE Proc., Circuits, Devices, Syst., vol. 143, no. 2, pp. 91–96, 1996)) based canonic CM Single-Resistor Controlled Oscillator (SRCO) is presented, which uses a VCVS and a single current terminal to take out the output. Earlier, authors used DDCCC (Differential Difference Complementary Current conveyor), DVCCC (Differential Voltage Complementary Current Conveyor) to implement CM oscillators and hypothesized the requirement of an additional current terminal for the output. The synthesis of present topology indicates that DDCC is a versatile building block to implement canonic CM SRCOs and doesn't need any additional current terminal. This topology was synthesized using an innovative genetic algorithm. Spice simulations have been included and they verify theoretical results.

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