Evolution of the Special Projects of National Significance Prevention with HIV-Infected Persons Seen in Primary Care Settings Initiative
Predicting HIV Transmission Risk among HIV-Infected Patients Seen in Clinical Settings
Implementation of HIV Prevention Interventions with People Living with HIV/AIDS in Clinical Settings:
Sex, Risk and Responsibility:
Provider-delivered, Theory-based, Individualized Prevention Interventions for HIV Positive Adults Receiving HIV Comprehensive Care
Strategies to Reduce HIV Risk Behavior in HIV Primary Care Clinics:
Supporting Positive Living and Sexual Health (SPLASH):
Start Talking About Risks:
Designing and Delivering a Prevention Project within an HIV Treatment Setting:
Supporting Healthy Alternatives through Patient Education:
The Protect and Respect Program:
Developing an HIV-Prevention Intervention for HIV-Infected Men Who Have Sex with Men in HIV Care:
The Treatment Advocacy Program-Sinai: