Why Housing?
Policy Perspective on Housing and HIV/AIDS
Sexual Risk among Impoverished Women
Residential Transience and HIV Risk Behaviors Among Injection Drug Users
Uncovering Patterns of HIV Risk Through Multiple Housing Measures
Safe Living
Residential Status as a Risk Factor for Drug Use and HIV Risk Among Young Men Who Have Sex with Men
Homelessness and HIV-Associated Risk Behavior Among African American Men Who Inject Drugs and Reside in the Urban South of the United States
Unstable Housing as a Factor for Increased Injection Risk Behavior at US Syringe Exchange Programs
The Effects of Housing Status on Health-Related Outcomes in People living with HIV
Housing Need, Housing Assistance, and Connection to HIV Medical Care
Physical and Sexual Abuse and Unstable Housing among Adolescents with HIV
Homelessness Prevention
HIV and Housing Assistance in Four U.S. Cities
Access to Housing as a Structural Intervention for Homeless and Unstably Housed People Living with HIV
Cost and Threshold Analysis of Housing as an HIV Prevention Intervention
HIV, Homelessness, and Public Health
Moving from Fact to Policy