The TREND statement: social science, communication and HIV/AIDS
Social representations of HIV/AIDS in five Central European and Eastern European countries: a multidimensional analysis
Sexual assault history and risks for sexually transmitted infections among women in an African township in Cape Town, South Africa
Collaborative management of HIV infection in the community: an effort to improve the quality of HIV care
Influences of social power and normative support on condom use decisions: a research synthesis
Social context of HIV risk behaviours among male-to-female transgenders of colour
GB virus C infection and quality of life in HIV-positive patients
Predictors of medical service utilization among individuals with co-occurring HIV infection and substance abuse disorders
Perceived barriers to employment among persons living with HIV/AIDS
Comparing total health care costs and treatment patterns of HIV patients in a managed care setting
Do United States-based Medicaid spend-down programmes make public sense for persons with HIV/AIDS?
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