Case Report: Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome Associated with Disseminated Mycobacterial Infection in Patients with AIDS
TORO: Ninety-Six-Week Virologic and Immunologic Response and Safety Evaluation of Enfuvirtide with an Optimized Background of Antiretrovirals
Utility of Repeat Genotypic Resistance Testing and Clinical Response in Patients with Three Class Resistance and Virologic Treatment Failure
Attitudes and Perceptions of AIDS Clinical Trials Group Site Coordinators on HIV Clinical Trial Recruitment and Retention: A Descriptive Study
Adherence, Drug Use, and Treatment Failure in a Methadone-Clinic-Based Program of Directly Administered Antiretroviral Therapy
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The Effect of Perceived Stigma from a Health Care Provider on Access to Care Among a Low-Income HIV-Positive Population
Inequality and Unwillingness to Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS: A Survey of Medical Professionals in Southeast China
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