The Special Projects of National Significance Women of Color Initiative
Baseline Social Characteristics and Barriers to Care from a Special Projects of National Significance Women of Color with HIV Study: A Comparison of Urban and Rural Women and Barriers to HIV Care
Health Status of HIV-Infected Women Entering Care: Baseline Medical Findings from the Women of Color Initiative
Considering Care-Seeking Behaviors Reveals Important Differences Among HIV-Positive Women Not Engaged in Care: Implications for Intervention
Factors Associated with Retention and Viral Suppression Among a Cohort of HIV + Women of Color
Violence Screening and Viral Load Suppression Among HIV-Positive Women of Color
Substance Abuse, Violence, and HIV/AIDS (SAVA) Syndemic Effects on Viral Suppression Among HIV Positive Women of Color
Experiences of Women of Color with a Nurse Patient Navigation Program for Linkage and Engagement in HIV Care
Simulating Patterns of Patient Engagement, Treatment Adherence, and Viral Suppression: A System Dynamics Approach to Evaluating HIV Care Management