Infectious complications in patients with HIV infection
Prophylactic and maintenance therapy for opportunist infections in AIDS
Antibodies to soluble CD4 in HIV-1-infected individuals
Detection of anti-CD4 autoantibodies in the sera of HIV-infected patients using recombinant soluble CD4 molecules
Transmission of HIV-1 within a statewide prison system
HIV surveillance by testing saliva
Syringe HIV seroprevalence and behavioural and demographic characteristics of intravenous drug users in Sydney, Australia, 1987
Damage to jejunal intrinsic autonomic nerves in HIV infection
Isolation and characterization of HIV-2 from an AIDS patient in Ghana
Short communication Detection of HIV-2 antibodies using five commercial HIV enzyme immunoassays
Short communication
Short communication
Sir, Esophageal candidiasis and immunodeficiency associated with acute HIV infection
Sir, Decline of naturally acquired antibodies to hepatitis B surface antigen in HIV-1 infected homosexual men
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Sir, Antibody detection of HIV envelope and core proteins
Sir, HIV p24 antigen in brains of children with AIDS
Sir, Reactivity to gag-and env-related proteins in immunoblot assay is not necessarily indicative of HIV infection
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Statistics from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control
Bibliography of the current world literature on AIDS