Natural history of HIV infection
T-cell response towards HIV in infected individuals with and without zidovudine therapy, and in HIV-exposed sexual partners
Antibody response to a synthetic peptide covering a LAV-1/HTLV-IIIB neutralization epitope and disease progression
The value of cryptococcal serum antigen screening among HIV-positive/AIDS patients in Kinshasa, Zaire
Surveillance for AIDS in Uganda
The natural history of HIV infection in intravenous drug users
Increased synthesis and production of prostaglandin E2 by monocytes from drug addicts with AIDS
Suppression of p24 antigen in sera from HIV-infected individuals with low-dose α-interferon and zidovudine
Comparison of antigen capture assays against HIV-1 in evaluating antiviral compounds
Seroconversion to HIV-1 rev- and tat-gene-encoded proteins
Seroepidemiology of human retroviruses in Gabon
World Health Organization workshop on the measurement and significance of neutralizing antibody to HIV and SIV
Statistics from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control
Bibliography of the current world literature