Research on AIDS
The influence of assay sensitivity and specificity on error rates in three anti-HIV testing strategies
Usefulness of computerized electroencephalography in diagnosing, staging and monitoring AIDS-dementia complex
Use of synthetic peptides for the detection of antibodies against the nef reguating protein in sera of HIV-infected patients
Evaluation and simplification of the World Health Organization clinical case definition for paediatric AIDS
Antibody response to the viral negative factor (nef) in HIV-1 infection
Cross-sectional study of immunologic abnormalities in intravenous drug abusers on methadone maintenance in New York City
HIV-associated endometritis
Knowledge about AIDS and testing for HIV infection among New York City blood donors
Incidence of HIV infection in Djibouti in 1988
Needle sharing and other behaviours related to HIV spread among intravenous drug users
Statistics from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control
Bibliography of the current world literature
A new centralized facility for AIDS research