AIDS in the Americas
Heterosexual transmission of HIV-1 among employees and their spouses at two large businesses in Zaire
HIV-1 and pregnant women
Successful use of pooled sera to determine HIV-1 seroprevalence in Zaire with development of cost-efficiency models
Transition dynamics of HIV disease in a cohort of African prostitutes
Factors influencing outcome of treatment with zidovudine of patients with AIDS in Australia
Recreational drug use and sexual behavior change in a cohort of homosexual men
Neuropsychometric performance of asymptomatic HIV-infected subjects
Sleep disturbances in HIV-infected homosexual men
Infection of cynomolgus monkeys with HIV-2 protects against pathogenic consequences of a subsequent simian immunodeficiency virus infection
Syncytium induction by fresh HIV isolates
Enhancement of erythrocytic adenosine deaminase following treatment of AIDS-related complex/AIDS patients with zidovudine
World Health Organization quality assessment programme on HIV testing
Ventricular tachycardia in two patients with AIDS receiving ganciclovir (DHPG)
Poverty and HIV seropositivity
Therapy for HIV-1-related nephritis with zidovudine
Eosinophils, HIV infection and zidovudine
Exclusion of blood donors by country of origin and discrimination against black foreigners in the USA
Renal cell adenocarcinoma associated with AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma
The limitations of the concept of needle sharing
Inhibition of HIV replication by derivatives of naphthalenedisulfonic acids
Zidovudine overdose in an intravenous drug user
Statistics from the World-Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control
Bibliography of the current world literature