Virology Flossie Wong-Staal and Jaap Goudsmit
Regulation of HIV expression
Genetic regulation of the ungulate lentiviruses
The role of the V3 loop of gp 120 in HIV infection
Sequence variability in human immunodeficiency viruses
Pathogenesis of AIDS
HIV infection and the brain
Global estimates of HIV infections and AIDS cases
Large-scale HIV serologic surveys
The epidemiology of HIV infection and AIDS in Thailand
The epidemiology of HIV and AIDS in Romania
Transmission of HIV from infected health-care workers to patients
The epidemiology of cancer in AIDS patients
Epidemiological and public health considerations in the design of HIV vaccine trials
Vaccines and immunology
SIV vaccines, 1991—a year in review
Progress with HIV vaccines
HIV-1 neutralization directed to epitopes other than linear V3 determinants
HIV epitopes recognized by cytotoxic T-lymphocytes
New AIDS vaccine candidates
Planning for HIV vaccine trials
Clinical treatment
Clinical trials in HIV infection
Virologic markers in the assessment of antiretroviral therapy
Antiretroviral treatment
Antiretroviral drug resistance
Update on opportunistic infections
Update on HIV-related neurological illness
Social, cultural and political aspects
Confronting pandemic
The primacy of politics
The role of the law in HIV/AIDS policy
AIDS and prisons
The impact of AIDS on drug availability and accessibility
The African family and AIDS
List of contributors