Assembly and morphology of HIV
Form, function, and use of retroviral Gag proteins
Efficacy of SIV/DeltaB670 glycoprotein-enriched and glycoprotein-depleted subunit vaccines in protecting against infection and disease in rhesus monkeys
Induction of dormant HIV-1 by sodium butyrate
Evidence for molecular subtypes of HIV-associated lymphoma
Detection, quantification and sequencing of HIV-1 from the plasma of seropositive individuals and from factor VIII concentrates
Quantitative assessment of HIV-1 DNA load by coamplification of HIV-1 gag and HLA-DQ-α genes
6–0-Butanoylcastanospermine (MDL 28,574) inhibits glycoprotein processing and the growth of HIVs
Identification of T-cell epitopes without B-cell activity in the first and second conserved regions of the HIV Env protein
Evidence from Zaire that breast-feeding by HIV-1-seropositive mothers is not a major route for perinatal HIV-1 transmission but does decrease morbidity
HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases among female prostitutes in Kinshasa
Sexual partners, penetrative sexual partners and HIV risk
Endocrine function in 98 HIV-infected patients
Development of language in 18—30-month-old HIV-1-infected but not ill children
HIV proteins absent from placentas of 75 HIV-1-positive women studied by immunohistochemistry
Effect of primary-stage feline immunodeficiency virus infection on subsequent feline calicivirus vaccination and challenge in cats
Ki-1+ anaplastic large-cell lymphoma of T-cell origin in an HIV-infected patient
Relapse in sexual behavior among homosexual men
Pseudomonas septicaemia associated with HIV
Successful management of intractable cryptosporidial diarrhea with intravenous octreotide, a somatostatin analogue
HIV-1 infection of CD4-negative cells via HTLV pseudovirons
Drug sharing among intravenous durg users
Hospital-based surveillance of HIV infection
Zidovudine therapy associated with remission of chronic active hepatitis C in HIV-1 carriers
The use of corticosteroids in the control of the adverse effects of cotrimoxazole in AIDS patients suffering from PCP
No histological evidence for cytotoxic T cells in destruction of lymph-node follicle centres after HIV infection?
Seroepidemiological survey of transmissible infections in Portuguese prisoners
A seroepidemiological survey of HTLV-I infection in Shanghai and Chongqing cities in China
Statistics from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control