The safety of Bacille Calmette—Guérin vaccination in HIV infection and AIDS
Identification of four antibody-binding sites in the envelope proteins of simian immunodeficiency virus, SIVsm
Discrete regions of HIV-1 gp41 defined by syncytia-inhibiting affinity-purified human antibodies
Weight loss in HIV-1 infection is associated with immune activation
HIV wasting syndrome in the United States
Clinical correlates of in vitro HIV-1 resistance to zidovudine. Results of the Multicentre Canadian AZT Trial
The efficacy and safety of zidovudine alone or as cotherapy with acyclovir for the treatment of patients with AIDS and AIDS-related complex
Comparison of two dose regimens of zidovudine in an open, randomized, multicentre study for severe HIV-related thrombocytopenia
Intestinal parasites and HIV infection in Tanzanian children with chronic diarrhea
Elevated plasma levels of vasoactive intestinal peptide in AIDS patients with refractory idiopathic diarrhoea. Effects of treatment with octreotide
Diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis in HIV-infected individuals using peripheral blood smears
The treatment-free incubation period of AIDS in a cohort of homosexual men
Three-year neuropsychological follow-up in a selected group of HIV-infected homosexual/bisexual men
Evaluation of a cognitive-behavioural intervention for HIV prevention among injecting drug users
Sustaining safe sex
The effectiveness of condom use in heterosexual prostitution in The Netherlands
The effects of post-test counselling on condom use among prostitutes in The Gambia
Estimating the seroincidence of HIV-1 in the general adult population in Kigali, Rwanda
Safer sex maintenance among gay men
Safer sex among gay men
HIV seropositivity of blood donations in Spain
Non-HIV-1 CD4+ lymphocyte depletion in a patient with an acquired immunodeficiency syndrome of unknown etiology
Epidemiologic models, clinical decision-making, and the role of oral lesions
Concurrent partners and the results of the Uganda Rakai project
Concurrent partners and the results of the Uganda Rakai project [reply],
Recurrent Kawasaki disease associated with co-infection with parvovirus B19 and HIV-1
Zidovudine-responsive pure red cell aplasia as initial manifestation of HIV infection
Antibodies to natural killer cells in HIV-infected patients
Predominance of Epstein-Barr virus DNA in immature CD21-deficient B-lymphocytes from HIV-infected patients
Survival of HIV-infected Brazilians
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