Epidemiologic clues to the etiology of Kaposi's sarcoma
Lymphocyte activation in HIV-1 infection. I. Predominant proliferative defects among CD45RO+ cells of the CD4 and CD8 lineages
T-cell antigen receptor Vβ subsets are not preferentially deleted in AIDS
HIV infection leads to differential expression of T-cell receptor Vβ genes in CD4+ and CD8+ T cells
Structure—function relationships of the HIV-1 envelope V3 loop tropism determinant
The HIV-1 Nef protein shares an antigenic determinant with a T-cell surface protein
Apparent HIV-1 glycoprotein reactivity on Western blot in uninfected blood donors
Restoration of T-cell function in HIV infection by reduction of intracellular cAMP levels with adenosine analogues
Polymerase chain reaction detection of cytomegalovirus DNA in peripheral blood leukocytes as a predictor of cytomegalovirus disease in HIV-infected patients
Presentation and course of AIDS dementia complex
Computer-based neuropsychological screening for AIDS dementia complex
Effects of zidovudine in 30 patients with mild to end-stage AIDS dementia complex
Low-dose oral recombinant interferon-αA in patients with HIV-1 infection
Use of therapeutic and prophylactic drugs for AIDS by homosexual and bisexual men in three US cities
The effect of cigarette smoking on the development of AIDS in HIV-1-seropositive individuals
Proposed 'World Health Organization Staging System for HIV Infection and Disease'
Determinants of condom use among intravenous drug users
Barrier contraceptive use and HIV infection among high-risk women in Cameroon
The relationship between HIV infection and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia among women attending two family planning clinics in Nairobi, Kenya
Insoluble gp120/anti-gp120 antibody complexes enhance T-cell activation
Systematic screening for HIV infection
False-positive neutralizable HIV antigens detected in organ transplant recipients
Chronic indeterminate Western blot in a patient with AIDS and massive proteinuria
A pilot study on the use of self-mononuclear cell vaccines for tertiary prevention in early HIV disease
Wernicke's encephalopathy in a patient with AIDS
Demyelination and cerebral toxoplasmosis in HIV-infected patients
Retinal microvascular abnormalities in patients with AIDS-related complex or lymphadenopathy syndrome
Three-year follow-up of asymptomatic HIV-infected men receiving combination zidovudine and acyclovir
Toxicity of clindamycin and primaquine treatment of AIDS-related Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia
The effectiveness of condom use among homosexual men