Hematologic aspects of HIV infection
A survey of synthetic HIV-1 peptides with natural and chimeric sequences for differential reactivity with Zimbabwean, Tanzanian and Swedish HIV-1-positive sera
Phylogenetic analysis of gag genes from 70 international HIV-1 isolates provides evidence for multiple genotypes
Selective in vitro expansion of HLA class I-restricted HIV-1 Gag-specific CD8 + T cells
Protection of monkeys by a split vaccine against SIVmac depends upon biological properties of the challenge virus
The cat/feline immunodeficiency virus model for transmucosal transmission of AIDS
Variable relationship between proviral DNA load and infectious virus titre in the peripheral blood mononuclear cells of HIV-1-infected individuals
Augmentation of HIV-specific lymphoproliferation in HIV-infected individuals by TraT
Improvement of the predictive value of CD4 + lymphocyte count by β2-microglobulin, immunoglobulin A and erythrocyte sedimentation rate
Recombinant α-interferon 2b in the treatment of HIV-related thrombocytopenia
Treatment of cryptococcosis with liposomal amphotericin B (AmBisome) in 23 patients with AIDS
Protein-losing enteropathy and hypoalbuminemia in AIDS
Seroepidemiology of HTLV-I/II in universal screening of blood donations in France
Sentinel surveillance for HIV-1 among pregnant women in a developing country
Impact of the 1993 revision of the AIDS case definition on the prevalence of AIDS in a clinical setting
Risk behaviour, anti-HIV and anti-hepatitis B core prevalence in clinic and non-clinic samples of gay men in England; 1991–1992
Evaluating needle exchange
Sex role separation in sexual diaries of homosexual men
Rapid and simple screening and supplemental testing for HIV-1 and HIV-2 infections in West Africa
Condom use with primary partners among injecting drug users in Bangkok, Thailand and New York City, United. States
Lack of anti-nuclear antibodies during HIV infection
Secondary diabetes induced by megestrol acetate therapy in a patient with AIDS-associated cachexia
Kussmaul respiration and abdominal pain secondary to metabolic acidosis in AIDS patients with disseminated Mycobacterium avium complex infection receiving clofazimine
Low prevalence of positive tuberculin tests in homo-/bisexual white men from Seattle
Fetal organs infected by HIV-1
Conversion of HIV-1 viral markers during the first few months of life in HlV-infected children born to seropositive mothers
Secondary prevention of HIV
Helicobacter pylori infection in an HIV-seropositive patient with diarrhoea
Acoustic neuropathy associated with zalcitabine-induced peripheral neuropathy