Compliance in clinical trials
V3 sequences in primary HIV-I infection
Interaction of several complement proteins with gp120 and gp41, the two envelope gycoproteins of HIV-1
Antibodies to the putative SIV infection-enhancing domain diminish beneficial effects of an SIV gp160 vaccine in rhesus macaques
Glucocorticoids rescue CD4+ T lymphocytes from activation-induced apoptosis triggered by HIV-1
Cytotoxic T-lymphocyte induction in asymptomatic HIV-1-infected patients immunized with Retrovector®-transduced autologous fibroblasts expressing HIV-1IIIB Env/Rev proteins
Effect of sex, age and transmission category on the progression to AIDS and survival of zidovudine-treated symptomatic patients
The role of initial AIDS-defining illness in survival following AIDS
A population-based comparison of the clinical course of children and adults with AIDS
Long-term changes in psychological symptomatology associated with HIV serostatus among male injecting drug users
Hours at work and employment status among HIV-infected patients
In vivo inhibition of syncytium-inducing variants of HIV in patients treated with didanosine
Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention