Transgenic models of HIV-1
Rates of p24 antigenemia and viral isolation in comparable white and black HIV-infected subjects
Unidirectional budding of HIV-1 at the site of cell-to-cell contact is associated with co-polarization of intercellular adhesion molecules and HIV-1 viral matrix protein
Adhesion co-receptor expression and intracellular signalling in HIV disease: implications for immunotherapy
High resolution analysis of HIV-1 quasispecies in the brain
Development of HIV-1 resistance to (−)2′-deoxy-3′-thiacytidine in patients with AIDS or advanced AIDS-related complex
Frequency of early in utero HIV-1 infection: a blind DNA polymerase chain reaction study on 100 fetal thymuses
Diarrhoea in HIV-infected patients: no evidence of cytokine-mediated inflammation in jejunal mucosa
Validating population surveys for the measurement of HIV/STD prevention indicators
Sociodemographic predictors and temporal trends of extrapulmonary tuberculosis as an AIDS-defining disease in Spain
HIV-1 prevalence and risk factors among sexually transmitted disease clinic attenders in Trinidad
Myeloradiculitis due to Cryptococcus curvatus in AIDS
Contribution of breastfeeding to the reported variation in rates of mother-to-child HIV transmission
Is AIDS-related cryptococcosis more frequent among men?
Low prevalence of HIV-1 proviral DNA in peripheral blood monocytes and dendritic cells from HIV-1-infected individuals
HIV-1 V3 envelope sequences required for macrophage infection
Willingness of dentists to treat an HIV-infected patient
Cerebral astrocytoma in HIV-infected patients
Does zidovudine cause non-Hodgkin's lymphoma?
Serum levels of interleukin-12 in adult and paediatric patients with HIV-1 infection
Trimethoprim-sulphamethoxazole rechallenge in 20 previously allergic HIV-infected patients after homoeopathic desensitization
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