The 100% Condom Program in Thailand
The Fas receptor in HIV infection
In vitro activation of HIV RNA expression in peripheral blood lymphocytes as a marker to predict the stability of non-progressive status in long-term survivors
Evidence for type 2 cytokine production and lymphocyte activation in the early phases of HIV-1 infection
Evidence for limited within-person evolution of the V3 domain of the HIV-1 envelope in the Amsterdam population
An efficient method for the rescue and analysis of functional HIV-1 env genes
Syncytium-inducing phenotype and zidovudine susceptibility of HIV-1 isolated from post-mortem tissue
Acute retinal necrosis in the course of AIDS
Multicentric Castleman's disease in HIV infection
A cohort study of factors associated with failure to return for HIV post-test counselling in pregnant women
High risk of HIV disease progression after infection through a sexual partner with AIDS
The efficacy of brief group counseling in HIV risk reduction among homosexual Asian and Pacific Islander men
Ethnic differences in women with HIV infection in Britain and Ireland
The influence of intravenous drug use and HIV infection in the transmission of tuberculosis
Selection in vitro of an HIV-1 variant resistant to both lamivudine (3TC) and zidovudine
Resistance to HIV infection may be genetically mediated
The primary response to HIV infection is characterized by an expansion of activated CD8+ CD28− cells
Spurious post-splenectomy CD4 and CD8 lymphocytosis in HIV-infected patients
Unidentified parasite from duodenum of a patient with AIDS
Reactive haemophagocytic syndrome in AIDS
HIV, maternal death and child survival in Africa
The epidemiology of HIV infection among male commercial sex workers in northern Thailand
The epidemiology of HIV and syphilis among male commercial sex workers in northern Thailand
Vitamin A depletion in HIV infection and AIDS
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