Molecular biology and epidemiology of Pneumocystis carinii infection in AIDS
Cellular reservoirs of HIV-1 in the central nervous system of infected individuals
Restricted antigenic variability of the epitope recognized by the neutralizing gp41 antibody 2F5
Follicular dendritic cells in vitro are not susceptible to infection by HIV-1
Antigen-stimulated apoptotic T-cell death in HIV infection is selective for CD4+T cells, modulated by cytokines and effected by lymphotoxin
Phagocytosis and growth inhibition of Cryptococcus neoformans by human alveolar macrophages
Atovaquone is effective treatment for the symptoms of gastrointestinal microsporidiosis in HIV-1-infected patients
Development of resistance to zidovudine (ZDV) and didanosine (ddl) in HIV from patients in ZDV, ddl and alternating ZDV/ddl therapy
A controlled trial of nevirapine plus zidovudine versus zidovudine alone in p24 antigenaemic HIV-infected patients
Kaposi's sarcoma and non-Hodgkin's lymphomas in children and adolescents with AIDS
Use of immunological markers and continuous-time Markov models to estimate progression of HIV infection in homosexual men
HIV-1 prevalence in community-wide samples of injecting drug users in London, 1990–1993
Physical disability in a cohort of persons with AIDS
Cell-associated ceramide in HIV-1 -infected subjects
An alternative to 51Cr release assay for measurement of natural killer activity in HIV-infected patients
Acute thrombocytopenia secondary to the administration of the peptidomimetic HIV protease inhibitor MK-639 (L735524)
CD4 lymphocyte counts in HIV/AIDS patients with intercurrent illness
Control of initial viraemia coincides with neutralizing antibody response after SIVmac infection of rhesus macaques
Alveolar macrophages are not an important source of viral production in HIV-1 infected patients
Pentamidine-induced free radical toxicity to isolated islet cells
Recurrent muscle abscesses in a patient with HIV infection
Chronic rhinosinusitis in patients with AIDS