Pre-AIDS mortality from natural causes associated with HIV disease progression: evidence from the European Seroconverter Study among injecting drug users

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Objectives:To study differences in pre-AIDS mortality between European cohorts of injecting drug users (IDU) and to evaluate whether pre-AIDS mortality increased with time since HIV seroconversion and decreasing CD4 count.Methods:The study population consisted of 664 IDU with documented intervals of HIV seroconversion from eight cohort studies. Differences in pre-AIDS mortality were studied between European sites; an evaluation of whether pre-AIDS mortality increased with time since HIV seroconversion and decreasing CD4 count was carried out using Poisson regression.Results:One hundred and seven IDU died, of whom 57 did not have AIDS. Pre-AIDS causes of death were overdose/suicide (49%), natural causes such as bacterial infections/cirrhosis (40%), and unintentional injuries/unknown (11%). Considering pre-AIDS death and AIDS as competing risks, 14.7% were expected to have died without AIDS and 17.3% to have developed AIDS at 7 years from seroconversion. No statistically significant differences in pre-AIDS mortality were found between European regions, men and women, age categories and calendar time periods. Overall pre-AIDS mortality did not increase with time since seroconversion, but did increase with decreasing CD4 count. Evaluating cause-specific mortality, only pre-AIDS mortality from natural causes appeared to be associated with time since seroconversion as well as immunosuppression. For natural causes, the death rate per 100 person-years was 0.13 the first 2 years after seroconversion, 0.73 in years 2–4 [risk relative (RR) to years 0–2, 5.6], 1.83 in years 4–6 (RR, 14.0) and 1.54 for ≥ 6 years (RR, 11.7). This rate was 0 for a CD4 cell count ≥ 500 × 106/l, 1.06 for 200–500 × 106/l and 4.06 for < 200 × 106/l (RR versus ≥ 200 × 106/l, 7.0). In multivariate analysis, both CD4 count and time since seroconversion appeared to be independently associated with death from natural causes; CD4 count appeared to be the strongest predictor (adjusted RR, 5.9).Conclusions:A high pre-AIDS mortality rate was observed among IDU. No significant differences were observed across European sites. Pre-AIDS mortality from natural causes but not from overdose and suicide was associated with HIV disease progression.

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