A syndrome of lipoatrophy, lactic acidaemia and liver dysfunction associated with HIV nucleoside analogue therapy: contribution to protease inhibitor-related lipodystrophy syndrome
HIV-1 strains from a cohort of American subjects reveal the presence of a V2 region extension unique to slow progressors and non-progressors
Direct visualization of HIV-1-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes during primary infection
Significance of P-glycoprotein for the pharmacology and clinical use of HIV protease inhibitors
Significance of P-glycoprotein for the pharmacology and clinical use of HIV protease inhibitors
Time of initiation of antiretroviral therapy: impact on HIV-1 viraemia
Early immune reconstitution after potent antiretroviral therapy in HIV-infected children correlates with the increase in thymus volume
HIV-1 genotypic zidovudine drug resistance and the risk of maternal–infant transmission in the Women and Infants Transmission Study*
Incidence of neuropathy in HIV-infected patients on monotherapy versus those on combination therapy with didanosine, stavudine and hydroxyurea
Geographic variation of HIV infection in childbearing women with syphilis in the United States
HIV-1 diversity in France, 1996–1998
Behavioral and biologic evidence of persistent high-risk behavior in an HIV primary care population
Comparison of sexual behaviors, unprotected sex, and substance use between two independent cohorts of gay and bisexual men
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Epidemiology of thrombosis in HIV-infected individuals
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A reality check: the cost of making post-exposure prophylaxis available to gay and bisexual men at high sexual risk
Diversity of HIV-1 genetic subtypes in France, in the context of mother-to-child transmission
HIV virions and HIV replication are unaffected by granulysin
Normalization of the CD4 T cell receptor repertoire after evolution of syncytium-inducing HIV-1 variants
Efavirenz associated with corticosteroids in patients with previous severe hypersensitivity reaction due to nevirapine
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Relationship between Kaposi's sarcoma, Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus and AIDS dementia complex
Rash as a side-effect of nelfinavir in children
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