Notes and Quotes
ABT-378/ritonavir plus stavudine and lamivudine for the treatment of antiretroviral-naive adults with HIV-1 infection: 48-week results
T-helper cell responses to HIV envelope peptides in cord blood: protection against intrapartum and breast-feeding transmission
Changes in host cell molecules acquired by circulating HIV-1 in patients treated with highly active antiretroviral therapy and interleukin-2
Monocytes harbour replication-competent, non-latent HIV-1 in patients on highly active antiretroviral therapy
Discontinuation of maintenance therapy for cytomegalovirus retinitis in HIV-infected patients receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy
Phase I/II dose escalation and randomized withdrawal study with add-on azodicarbonamide in patients failing on current antiretroviral therapy
The virological response to highly active antiretroviral therapy over the first 24 weeks of therapy according to the pre-therapy viral load and the weeks 4–8 viral load
Bacteremia due to Mycobacterium tuberculosis or M. bovis, Bacille Calmette–Guérin (BCG) among HIV-positive children and adults in Zambia
Multiple drug rescue therapy for HIV-infected individuals with prior virologic failure to multiple regimens
Efavirenz plasma levels can predict treatment failure and central nervous system side effects in HIV-1-infected patients
Understanding delay to medical care for HIV infection: the long-term non-presenter
Factors associated with HIV-1 infection among sex workers of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Trend in HIV-1 prevalence in an antenatal clinic in North Uganda and adjusted rates for the general female population
Treatment of cervicitis is associated with decreased cervical shedding of HIV-1
Effect of computer-assisted self-interviews on reporting of sexual HIV risk behaviours in a general population sample: a methodological experiment
Reassessing the goal of antiretroviral therapy in the heavily pre-treated HIV-infected patient
Cross-staining of cytotoxic T lymphocyte populations with peptide-MHC class I multimers of natural HIV-1 variant antigens
Enteric microtubule depolymerization in HIV infection: a possible cause of HIV-associated enteropathy
HIV resistance assay results and their effect on therapeutic decisions
Efavirenz-associated breast hypertrophy in HIV-infected patients
The ADAM study continued: maintenance therapy after 50 weeks of induction therapy
Predictors of progression in chronically infected naive patients with plasma viraemia below 5000 copies/ml and CD4 T lymphocytes greater than 500 × 106/l
Absence of an effect of herpes simplex virus type 2 infection on HIV disease progression: data from a cohort of HIV-positive individuals with known date of seroconversion
Pathological fractures in AIDS patients with osteopenia and osteoporosis induced by antiretroviral therapy
Alopecia universalis and Graves’ disease in the setting of immune restoration after highly active antiretroviral therapy
Renal tubular acidosis and hypophosphataemia after treatment with nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors