Notes and Quotes
nef-deleted HIV-1 inhibits phagocytosis by monocyte-derived macrophages in vitro but not by peripheral blood monocytes in vivo
Loss of memory (CD27) B lymphocytes in HIV-1 infection
Differential disappearance of inhibitory natural killer cell receptors during HAART and possible impairment of HIV-1-specific CD8 cytotoxic T lymphocytes
Increased abdominal visceral fat is associated with reduced bone density in HIV-infected men with lipodystrophy
When to start highly active antiretroviral therapy in chronically HIV-infected patients: evidence from the ICONA study
Analysis of variation in plasma concentrations of nelfinavir and its active metabolite M8 in HIV-positive patients
Clinical outcome among HIV-infected patients starting saquinavir hard gel compared to ritonavir or indinavir
Pharmacokinetics and safety of amprenavir and ritonavir following multiple-dose, co-administration to healthy volunteers
Sexual dysfunction associated with protease inhibitor containing highly active antiretroviral treatment
Management of the risk of HIV infection in male homosexual couples
Female condom introduction and sexually transmitted infection prevalence: results of a community intervention trial in Kenya
Positive and negative life events after counselling and testing: the Voluntary HIV-1 Counselling and Testing Efficacy Study
Gay men, risk and relationships
Editorial comment on Analysis of variation in plasma concentrations of nelfinavir and its active metabolite M8 in HIV-positive patients
Is long postpartum sexual abstinence a risk factor for HIV?
Sperm mitochondrial DNA deletions as a consequence of long term highly active antiretroviral therapy
First CRF01_AE/B recombinant of HIV-1 is found in Thailand
MIP-1α promoter polymorphism in humans and monkeys: identification of two polymorphic regions characterized by the insertion of unique sequences in monkeys
Prevention of invasive aspergillosis in AIDS by sulfamethoxazole
Long-term outcomes of protease inhibitor-based therapy in antiretroviral treatment-naive HIV-infected injection drug users on methadone maintenance programmes
Persistence of zidovudine-resistance mutations in HIV-1 isolates from patients removed from zidovudine therapy for at least 3 years and switched to a stavudine-containing regimen
Lactic acid levels in children perinatally treated with antiretroviral agents to prevent HIV transmission
‘Do HIV-infected injecting drug users over-report adherence to highly active antiretroviral therapy?’ A comparison between patients’ self-reports and serum protease inhibitor concentrations in the French Manif 2000 cohort study
Low incidence of genotypic and phenotypic resistance in paediatric HIV-infected patients on long-term first-line antiretroviral triple therapy
Is indinavir crystalluria an indicator for indinavir stone formation?
Homocysteinaemia in HIV-infected patients treated with highly active antiretroviral therapy
Prevalence of antiretroviral resistance in a South London cohort of treatment-naive HIV-1-infected patients
Efavirenz-induced photoallergic dermatitis in HIV
Slower decline of plasma HIV-1 RNA after highly active antiretroviral therapy in primary versus chronic infection