Notes and Quotes
Poor CD4 T cell restoration after suppression of HIV-1 replication may reflect lower thymic function
T cell receptor excision circle (TREC) content following maximum HIV suppression is equivalent in HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected individuals
CD4 T cell expansions are associated with increased apoptosis rates of T lymphocytes during IL-2 cycles in HIV infected patients
Prevalence of resistance mutations in antiretroviral-naive chronically HIV-infected patients in 1998: a French nationwide study
Chronic hepatitis C in HIV infection: feasibility and sustained efficacy of therapy with interferon alfa-2b and tribavirin
Soluble cerebrospinal fluid factors induce Ca2+ dysregulation in rat cultured cortical astrocytes in HIV-1-associated dementia complex
Response to first protease inhibitor- and efavirenz-containing antiretroviral combination therapy The Swiss HIV Cohort Study
Mitochondrial DNA decrease in subcutaneous adipose tissue of HIV-infected individuals with peripheral lipoatrophy
HIV protease inhibitor substitution in patients with lipodystrophy: a randomized, controlled, open-label, multicentre study
Bone mineral loss through increased bone turnover in HIV-infected children treated with highly active antiretroviral therapy
Viral load as an independent risk factor for opportunistic infections in HIV-infected adults and adolescents
Acceptability and feasibility of Micralax® applicators and of methyl cellulose gel placebo for large-scale clinical trials of vaginal microbicides
Nevirapine and the risk of Stevens–Johnson syndrome or toxic epidermal necrolysis
Early diagnosis of paediatric HIV-1 infection among African breast-fed children using a quantitative plasma HIV RNA assay
Maternal mortality associated with tuberculosis–HIV-1 co-infection in Durban, South Africa
Predictors of HIV-1 serostatus disclosure: a prospective study among HIV-infected pregnant women in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Integration of tuberculosis screening at an HIV voluntary counselling and testing centre in Haiti
What limits immune reconstitution in HIV infection? Divergent tools converge on thymic function
Markers of AIDS dementia complex: the role of cerebrospinal fluid assays
Decreased HIV-specific CD4 T cell proliferation in long-term HIV-infected individuals on antiretroviral therapy
Highly active antiretroviral therapy induces specific changes in effector and central memory T cell sub-populations
Stromal-cell-derived factor 1 prevents the emergence of the syncytium-inducing phenotype of HIV-1 in vivo
A point mutation in CD45 may be associated with an increased risk of HIV-1 infection
Changes in the rate of genotypic resistance to antiretroviral drugs in Spain
Variation in breastmilk HIV-1 viral load in left and right breasts during the first 3 months of lactation
AIDS-associated mild neurocognitive impairment is delayed in the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy
Inflammatory reactions in progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy after highly active antiretroviral therapy
Association between Kaposi's sarcoma and atherosclerosis: implications for gammaherpesviruses and vascular disease
Psychological impact of structured treatment interruptions in patients with prolonged undetectable HIV-1 viral loads
HIV-1 subtype G and BG recombinant viruses in Spanish natives: evidence of characteristic mutations in reverse transcriptase and protease
Oral clinical markers and viral load in a prospective cohort of Mexican HIV-infected patients
Efavirenz-induced psychosis
Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia after cessation of secondary prophylaxis in a patient on highly active antiretroviral therapy with a CD4 cell count greater than 200/mm3
Changing incidence of Kaposi's sarcoma and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma among young men in San Francisco