Human herpesvirus 8-derived viral IL-6 induces PTX3 expression in Kaposi's sarcoma cells
Involvement of Bcl-2 and IL-2R in HIV-positive patients whose CD4 cell counts fail to increase rapidly with highly active antiretroviral therapy
Increased thymic mass and circulating naive CD4 T cells in HIV-1-infected adults treated with growth hormone
HIV long-term non-progressors maintain brisk CD8 T cell responses to other viral antigens
Use of laboratory tests and clinical symptoms for identification of primary HIV infection
Both baseline HIV-1 drug resistance and antiretroviral drug levels are associated with short-term virologic responses to salvage therapy
Comparative response of African HIV-1-infected individuals to highly active antiretroviral therapy
A Phase I, placebo-controlled trial of multi-dose recombinant human interleukin-12 in patients with HIV infection
Rates of non-AIDS-defining cancers in people with HIV infection before and after AIDS diagnosis
High prevalence of HIV-1 subtype G and natural polymorphisms at the protease gene among HIV-infected immigrants in Madrid
Spare non-occupational HIV post-exposure prophylaxis by active contacting and testing of the source person
HIV post-exposure prophylaxis: enhancing its pharmaco-economic profile by discriminate prescribing
Effects of highly active antiretroviral therapy on thymical reconstitution of CD4 T lymphocytes in vertically HIV-infected children
No increase in HIV incidence observed in a cohort of men who have sex with other men in Montreal
Routine HIV screening of sexually transmitted disease clinic attenders has favourable cost-effectiveness ratio in low HIV prevalence settings
Rapid progression of CD4 cell decline and subsequent response to salvage therapy in HIV-2 infection
Budesonide-induced acute hepatitis in an HIV-positive patient with ritonavir as a co-medication
Normalization of liver enzymes in an HIV–hepatitis C virus-co-infected patient after potent antiretroviral therapy
Gynaecomastia in HIV-infected men: association with effects of antiretroviral therapy
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Intracellular carbovir triphosphate levels in patients taking abacavir once a day
Stevens–Johnson syndrome in HIV patients treated with nevirapine: two case reports
Improved long-term suppression of HIV-1 replication with a triple-class multidrug regimen compared with standard of care antiretroviral therapyRieneke M.E. van Praag, Ferdinand W.N.M. Wit, Suzanne Jurriaans, Frank de Wolf, Jan M. Prins and Joep M.A. Lange
National program for preventing mother-child HIV transmission in Thailand: successful implementation and lessons learnedSiripon Kanshana and R.J. Simonds