Notes and Quotes
Homage to Dominique DORMONT
Cultivating HIV awareness in rural China
Implementing antiretroviral therapy in resource-constrained settings
Immunologic and virologic evolution during periods of intermittent and persistent low-level viremia
Immunogenicity of HIV-1 Env and Gag in baboons using a DNA prime/protein boost regimen
CpG oligodeoxynucleotides improve the response to hepatitis B immunization in healthy and SIV-infected rhesus macaques
Loss of macrophage-secreted lysozyme in HIV-1-associated dementia detected by SELDI-TOF mass spectrometry
Mitochondrial damage and DNA depletion in cord blood and umbilical cord from infants exposed in utero to Combivir
Colour-Doppler ultrasonography of carotid vessels in patients treated with antiretroviral therapy
Reversibility of lipoatrophy in HIV-infected patients 2 years after switching from a thymidine analogue to abacavir
Arterial stiffness and endothelial dysfunction in HIV-infected children
Breastfeeding and maternal HIV-1 disease progression and mortality
The effect of Plasmodium falciparum malaria on peripheral and placental HIV-1 RNA concentrations in pregnant Malawian women
Impact on mortality of the AIDS epidemic in northern Namibia assessed using parish registers
Primary murine cells as a model for HIV-1 infection
Analysis of the CCL3-L1 gene for association with HIV-1 susceptibility and disease progression
Seronegative infection and AIDS caused by an A2 subsubtype HIV-1
Renal safety of tenofovir in HIV treatment-experienced patients
Foscarnet used in salvage therapy of HIV-1 patients harbouring multiple nucleotide excision mutations
Efficacy and safety of combined treatment with pegylated-IFN-α2b plus ribavirin in HIV–hepatitis C virus-co-infected patients
Comparison of IFN-α2b with or without ribavirin for treatment of chronic hepatitis C in HIV-positive patients infected with hepatitis C virus genotype 3a
Is total lymphocyte count a reliable predictor of the CD4 lymphocyte cell count in resource-limited settings?
Failure of lopinavir–ritonavir (Kaletra)-containing regimen in an antiretroviral-naive patient
Beneficial effects of oral uridine in mitochondrial toxicity