International AIDS Conference
Special considerations in the initiation and management of antiretroviral therapy in individuals coinfected with HIV and hepatitis C
Barriers to participating in an HIV vaccine trial
New CCR5 variants associated with reduced HIV coreceptor function in southeast Asia
Incidence immunoassay for distinguishing recent from established HIV-1 infection in therapy-naive populations
Cellular HIV-1 DNA load predicts HIV-RNA rebound and the outcome of highly active antiretroviral therapy
A randomized study of emtricitabine and lamivudine in stably suppressed patients with HIV
Hepatotoxicity associated with protease inhibitor-based antiretroviral regimens with or without concurrent ritonavir
Hepatocellular carcinoma in HIV-infected patients
Global overview of injecting drug use and HIV infection among injecting drug users
Factors associated with a decrease in the prevalence of drug resistance in newly HIV-1 infected individuals in Montreal
The effect of hepatitis C on progression to AIDS before and after highly active antiretroviral therapy
Infection with concurrent multiple hepatitis C virus genotypes is associated with faster HIV disease progression
Successful therapy of hepatitis B with tenofovir in HIV-infected patients failing previous adefovir and lamivudine treatment
Predicted genotypic resistance to the novel entry inhibitor, BMS-378806, among HIV-1 isolates of subtypes A to G
Viral load and CD4 cell response to protease inhibitor-containing regimens in subtype B versus non-B treatment-naive HIV-1 patients
First-line efavirenz versus lopinavir–ritonavir-based highly active antiretroviral therapy for naïve patients
Causes of death in HIV infection
Increased risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes in HIV-infected women treated with highly active antiretroviral therapy in Europe
Changes in HIV prevalence among young Thai men as defined by hepatitis C co-infection as a marker for mode of transmission
GB virus C and survival in HIV-positive people
Response to ‘GB virus C during the natural course of HIV-1 infection
GB virus C viraemia and HIV progression
A 7-year longitudinal analysis of IL-2 in patients treated with highly active antiretroviral therapy
Cerebellopontine degeneration as an immune restoration disease in HIV infection
Eosinophilic folliculitis