Care of patients with chronic hepatitis B and HIV co-infection: recommendations from an HIV–HBV International Panel
CD8 T-cell responses in early HIV-1 infection are skewed towards high entropy peptides
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Immunological and virological efficacy of a therapeutic immunization combined with interleukin-2 in chronically HIV-1 infected patients
CD4 cell-monitored treatment interruption in patients with a CD4 cell count > 500 × 106 cells/l
A randomized, prospective study of phenotype susceptibility testing versus standard of care to manage antiretroviral therapy: CCTG 575
Frequency of HIV-1 dual subtype infections, including intersubtype superinfections, among injection drug users in Bangkok, Thailand
Field efficacy of zidovudine, lamivudine and single-dose nevirapine to prevent peripartum HIV transmission
Risk of AIDS and death at given HIV-RNA and CD4 cell count, in relation to specific antiretroviral drugs in the regimen
Changes over time in post-seroconversion CD4 cell counts in the Italian HIV-Seroconversion Study: 1985–2002
Questa e quella per me pari sono
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Increasing prevalence of male homosexual partnerships and practices in Britain 1990–2000: but why?
Possible explanations for the increase in the prevalence of male homosexual partnerships and practices in Britain 1990–2000. A response to Boily et al.