High probability of female-to-male HIV-1 transmission for uncircumcised men with multiple partners
Malaria increases HIV concentration in blood
HIV-1 restriction from a single amino acid change in human Trim 5α
The potential for interactions between antimalarial and antiretroviral drugs
Pertussis toxin B-oligomer dissociates T cell activation and HIV replication in CD4 T cells released from infected lymphoid tissue
Genotypes at chromosome 22q12-13 are associated with HIV-1-exposed but uninfected status in Italians
Cytomegalovirus rather than HIV triggers the outgrowth of effector CD8+CD45RA+CD27− T cells in HIV-1-infected children
Cotrimoxazole prophylaxis by HIV-infected persons in Uganda reduces morbidity and mortality among HIV-uninfected family members
Incidence and risk factors of immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome complicating HIV-associated cryptococcosis in France
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Indinavir protein-free concentrations when used in indinavir/ritonavir combination therapy
HIV-1 intermittent viraemia in patients treated by non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor-based regimen
Maternal and infant factors and lymphocyte, CD4 and CD8 cell counts in uninfected children of HIV-1-infected mothers
Multiple drug class-wide resistance associated with poorer survival after treatment failure in a cohort of HIV-infected patients
SEN virus has an adverse effect on the survival of HIV-positive patients
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Rosuvastatin for the treatment of hyperlipidaemia in HIV-infected patients receiving protease inhibitors: a pilot study
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Pravastatin does not have a consistent antiviral effect in chronically HIV-infected individuals on antiretroviral therapy
HIV-related thrombocytopenic purpura not relapsing during CD4 cell-guided treatment interruptions