Introduction: AIDS research in Brazil
Non-adherence among patients initiating antiretroviral therapy: a challenge for health professionals in Brazil
Self-perception of body changes in persons living with HIV/AIDS: prevalence and associated factors
Survival of AIDS patients using two case definitions, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1986–2003
Characteristics and survival of AIDS patients with hepatitis C: the Brazilian National Cohort of 1995–1996
Optimistic perception of HIV/AIDS, unprotected sex and implications for prevention among men who have sex with men, São Paulo, Brazil
Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in São Paulo State, Brazil: an update
Factors associated with condom use among youth aged 15–24 years in Brazil in 2003
Knowledge, practices and behaviours related to HIV transmission among the Brazilian population in the 15–54 years age group, 2004
Factors associated with institutionalization of children orphaned by AIDS in a population-based survey in Porto Alegre, Brazil
Sexually transmitted disease/HIV risk behaviour among women who have sex with women
Evaluation of rapid tests for anti-HIV detection in Brazil
Estimating the genetic component (RGC) in pharmacokinetic variability of the antiretroviral didanosine among healthy Brazilians
HIV-1 subtype C dissemination in southern Brazil