The membrane-proximal external region of HIV-1 gp41: a vaccine target worth exploring
Persistence of distinct HIV-1 populations in blood monocytes and naive and memory CD4 T cells during prolonged suppressive HAART
A combination of decreased NRTI incorporation and decreased excision determines the resistance profile of HIV-1 K65R RT
Switch from inhibitory to activating NKG2 receptor expression in HIV-1 infection: lack of reversion with highly active antiretroviral therapy
Stage-specific effects of Plasmodium falciparum-derived hemozoin on blood mononuclear cell TNF-α regulation and viral replication
Aberrant cortical neurogenesis in a pediatric neuroAIDS model: neurotrophic effects of growth hormone
Schistosoma mansoni infection promotes SHIV clade C replication in rhesus macaques
Protease mutation M89I/V is linked to therapy failure in patients infected with the HIV-1 non-B subtypes C, F or G
Glucose metabolism, lipid, and body fat changes in antiretroviral-naive subjects randomized to nelfinavir or efavirenz plus dual nucleosides
Detection of minor populations of drug-resistant HIV-1 in acute seroconverters
Hepatitis C virus in the semen of men coinfected with HIV-1: prevalence and origin
Plasma leptin levels in men are not related to the development of lipoatrophy during antiretroviral therapy
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The stromal derived factor-1 mutated allele (SDF1-3′A) is associated with a lower incidence of atherosclerosis in HIV-infected patients
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A randomized social network HIV prevention trial with young men who have sex with men in Russia and Bulgaria
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Effect of GB virus C viremia on HIV acquisition and HIV set-point
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Evidence of activity of Irinotecan in patients with advanced AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma
K65R and Y181C are less prevalent in HAART-experienced HIV-1 subtype A patients
Inhibition of HIV-1 group M and O isolates by fusion inhibitors
A new insertion in the HIV-1 reverse transcriptase gene inducing major resistance to non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
HIV-infected progressors and long-term non-progressors differ in their capacity to respond to an A-class CpG oligodeoxynucleotide
Severe rhabdomyolysis during a hypersensitivity reaction to abacavir in a patient treated with ciprofibrate
A case–control study of HIV patients with the K65R mutation in the reverse transcriptase gene with virological failure
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Carotid intima-media thickness: assessment of sub-clinical atherosclerosis in HIV-infected patients
Proton pump inhibitors do not reduce atazanavir concentrations in HIV-infected patients treated with ritonavir-boosted atazanavir