Emerging future issues in HIV/AIDS social research
Complete removal of HIV-1 RNA and proviral DNA from semen by the swim-up method: assisted reproduction technique using spermatozoa free from HIV-1
A killer mimotope with therapeutic activity against AIDS-related opportunistic micro-organisms inhibits ex-vivo HIV-1 replication
Reverse transcriptase mutations 118I, 208Y, and 215Y cause HIV-1 hypersusceptibility to non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Fluorodeoxyglucose imaging in healthy subjects with HIV infection: impact of disease stage and therapy on pattern of nodal activation
Decay of K103N mutants in cellular DNA and plasma RNA after single-dose nevirapine to reduce mother-to-child HIV transmission
Effect of pravastatin on body composition and markers of cardiovascular disease in HIV-infected men—a randomized, placebo-controlled study
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Antiretroviral medications associated with elevated blood pressure among patients receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy
Direct measurement of in-vivo vaginal microbicide levels of PRO 2000 achieved in a human safety study
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No association between GB virus C infection and disease progression in HIV-2-infected patients from the French ANRS HIV-2 cohort
Cotrimoxazole prophylaxis in adults with HIV and mortality among their HIV-negative children
Does cotrimoxazole taken by HIV-infected individuals reduce mortality among HIV-uninfected family members? Data may not support conclusion
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