Neutralizing antibodies induced by liposomal HIV-1 glycoprotein 41 peptide simultaneously bind to both the 2F5 or 4E10 epitope and lipid epitopes
Acute hepatitis C in HIV-infected patients: rare spontaneous clearance correlates with weak memory CD4 T-cell responses to hepatitis C virus
Impact of novel TRIM5α variants, Gly110Arg and G176del, on the anti-HIV-1 activity and the susceptibility to HIV-1 infection
CYP2B6, CYP2A6 and UGT2B7 genetic polymorphisms are predictors of efavirenz mid-dose concentration in HIV-infected patients
Early mortality and cause of deaths in patients using HAART in Brazil and the United States
Activity, pharmacokinetics and safety of lersivirine (UK-453,061), a next-generation nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor, during 7-day monotherapy in HIV-1-infected patients
Improved thymic index, density and output in HIV-infected patients following low-dose growth hormone therapy: a placebo controlled study
Short-term ezetimibe is well tolerated and effective in combination with statin therapy to treat elevated LDL cholesterol in HIV-infected patients
HIV-infected persons continue to lose kidney function despite successful antiretroviral therapy
The use of pooled viral load testing to identify antiretroviral treatment failure
The dynamics of appearance and disappearance of HIV-1 integrase mutations during and after withdrawal of raltegravir therapy
Factors influencing peripheral blood mononuclear cell-associated HIV-1 DNA level after long-term suppressive antiretroviral therapy in 236 patients
Acute cytomegalovirus infection in Kenyan HIV-infected infants
Continuing declines in some but not all HIV-associated cancers in Australia after widespread use of antiretroviral therapy
Viral hepatitis is associated with reduced bone mineral density in HIV-infected women but not men
Prognosis of patients treated with cART from 36 months after initiation, according to current and previous CD4 cell count and plasma HIV-1 RNA measurements
Foreskin surface area and HIV acquisition in Rakai, Uganda (size matters)
HIV and cytomegalovirus co-infection in congenitally infected children: copathogens fanning each other's flames?
Neutralizing inter-clade cross-reactivity of HIV-1 V1/V2-specific secretory immunoglobulin A in Colombian and French cohorts
Efavirenz plasma concentrations did not predict cessation of therapy due to neuropsychiatric symptoms in a large randomized trial
Crack cocaine use increases the incidence of AIDS-defining events in French Guiana
Interleukin-10 responses to therapeutic vaccination during highly active antiretroviral therapy and after analytical therapy interruption
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Adverse childhood experiences: origins of behaviors that sustain the HIV epidemic
Lithiasis of semicircular canals and parotid glands: unusual stones deposition in atazanavir-treated individuals
High HIV incidence or poor test performance?
Reply to Black et al. High HIV incidence or poor test performance?