Survival analysis in infectious disease research: describing events in time
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Virologic and immunologic response to HAART, by age and regimen class
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Genital tract HIV-1 RNA shedding among women with below detectable plasma viral load
The MMP1 (−16071G/2G) single nucleotide polymorphism associates with the HAART-related lipodystrophic syndrome
Uridine supplementation in the treatment of HIV lipoatrophy: results of ACTG 5229
Population-based V3 genotypic tropism assay: a retrospective analysis using screening samples from the A4001029 and MOTIVATE studies
Flexible use of CCR5 in the absence of CXCR4 use explains the immune deficiency in HIV-1 infected children
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HIV protease inhibitors alter innate immune response signaling to double-stranded RNA in oral epithelial cells: implications for immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome?
Reduced CD127 expression on peripheral CD4+ T cells impairs immunological recovery in course of suppressive highly active antiretroviral therapy
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