25 Years of AIDS
25 years of AIDS
‘…one man in his time plays many parts’
Much progress, still many challenges
The next 25 years
Experiences as an editor
Epidemiological research in the HIV field
The evolving epidemiology of HIV/AIDS
Educating about HIV
Prevention of sexual transmission of HIV
The history of antiretroviral therapy and of its implementation in resource-limited areas of the world
An overview of intracellular interactions between immunodeficiency viruses and their hosts
On HIV diversity
HIV reservoirs
Innate immunity in the control of HIV/AIDS
CD8+ T cells in preventing HIV infection and disease
The design and evaluation of HIV-1 vaccines
Transitioning HIV care and treatment programs in southern Africa to full local management
Mortality due to cancer among people with AIDS
Impact of asymptomatic Herpes simplex virus-2 infection on T cell phenotype and function in the foreskin
Raltegravir-induced nephrolithiasis