HIV and pregnancy
Antiretroviral resource allocation for HIV prevention
Impact of highly active antiretroviral therapy initiation on CD4+ T-cell repopulation in duodenal and rectal mucosa
Distinct resistance patterns to etravirine and rilpivirine in viruses containing nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor mutations at baseline
Rilpivirine vs. efavirenz in HIV-1 patients with baseline viral load 100 000 copies/ml or less
HIV escape mutations occur preferentially at HLA-binding sites of CD8 T-cell epitopes
CD4 cell count and viral load-specific rates of AIDS, non-AIDS and deaths according to current antiretroviral use
Prevalence of hepatitis B co-infection and response to antiretroviral therapy among HIV-infected patients in Tanzania
Ultrasonographic measures of cardiovascular disease risk in antiretroviral treatment-naive individuals with HIV infection
Week 96 efficacy and safety of rilpivirine in treatment-naive, HIV-1 patients in two Phase III randomized trials
Long-term effectiveness of infrared coagulation for the treatment of anal intraepithelial neoplasia grades 2 and 3 in HIV-infected men and women
Lower artemether, dihydroartemisinin and lumefantrine concentrations during rifampicin-based tuberculosis treatment
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Poor CD4 response despite viral suppression is associated with increased non-AIDS-related mortality among HIV patients and their parents
Getting to normal
CD4+ T-cells are unable to express the HIV natural resistance factor globotriosylceramide
Potential hazard drug–drug interaction between boosted protease inhibitors and vinblastine in HIV patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma
Aggressive worsening of Sézary syndrome during early antiretroviral therapy
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