A systematic review of definitions of extreme phenotypes of HIV control and progression
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Cellular HIV reservoir replenishment is not affected by blip or intermittent viremia episodes during darunavir/ritonavir monotherapy
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High rates of anal dysplasia in HIV-infected men who have sex with men, women, and heterosexual men
CD4+ cell count, viral load, and drug resistance patterns among heterosexual breakthrough HIV infections in a study of oral preexposure prophylaxis
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Cause-specific mortality among HIV-infected individuals, by CD4+ cell count at HAART initiation, compared with HIV-uninfected individuals
Treatment as long-term prevention
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Extremely low and sustained HIV incidence among people who inject drugs in a setting of harm reduction
The tyrosine kinase inhibitor Dasatinib blocks in-vitro HIV-1 production by primary CD4+ T cells from HIV-1 infected patients
WHO ‘Treatment as Prevention’ guidelines are unlikely to decrease HIV transmission in the UK unless undiagnosed HIV infections are reduced
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