Malignancies in HIV/AIDS
Elevated IP10 levels are associated with immune activation and low CD4+ T-cell counts in HIV controller patients
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Increased levels of asymmetric dimethylarginine are associated with pulmonary arterial hypertension in HIV infection
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HIV-1 seroreversion in HIV-1-infected children
Mortality rates in people dually infected with HIV-1/2 and those infected with either HIV-1 or HIV-2
High attrition before and after ART initiation among youth (15–24 years of age) enrolled in HIV care
Home-based versus clinic-based care for patients starting antiretroviral therapy with low CD4+ cell counts
Increased incidence of antiretroviral drug discontinuation among patients with viremic hepatitis C virus coinfection and high hyaluronic acid, a marker of liver fibrosis
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Effect of HIV-2 infection on HIV-1 disease progression and mortality
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