Effect of oral fluconazole 1200 mg/day on QT interval in African adults with HIV-associated cryptococcal meningitis

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We assessed the effect of fluconazole 1200 mg/day on the QT interval in cryptococcal meningitis patients. Mean corrected QT (QTc) change from baseline to day 7 was 10.1 ms (IQR: −28 to 46 ms) in the fluconazole treatment group and −12.6 ms (IQR: −39 to 13.5 ms) in those not taking fluconazole (P = 0.04). No significant increase in QTc measurements over 500 ms was observed with fluconazole. Nevertheless, it remains important to correct any electrolyte imbalance and avoid concomitant drugs that may increase QTc.

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