Shock. Pathology Metabolism Shock Cell Treatment. By Şuteu luliu Băndilă Traian Cafriţă Atanasie Bucur Alexandru I. Cândea Vasile. pages. Abacus Press, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England 1977. Price, $49.00.

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An updated, English-language version of a book originally published in Romania in 1973. Summarizes discoveries and conclusions reached after a 10-year program of experimental work (hemorrheodynamic isotopic, enzymologic, histologic, and electron optical) on the physiology of the evolution of hemorrhagic and traumatic shock carried out at the Central Military Hospital, Bucharest, Romania. Concept of the shock cell is introduced and studied in detail. Extensively illustrated: 28 pages of electron and photomicrographs of “shocked cells,” some in color.

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