Candida paropsilosis Endophthalmitis

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To the editor: In their review of the manifestations of disseminated candidiasis, Edwards and colleagues (1) noted that Candida albicans has a greater propensity for ocular involvement than non-albicans species of Candida. Using a rabbit model of hematogenous candidal endophthalmitis, Edwards and associates were unable to infect either vitreous or chorioretina with Candida paropsilosis and Candida krusei with the inoculum size used (2). We wish to report a case of hematogenous candidal endophthalmitis due to C. paropsilosis.

A previously healthy 62-year-old man admitted for a subarachnoid hemorrhage underwent a craniotomy on 28 July 1977 for a posterior communicating artery aneurysm.

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