The Wayward Cell: Cancer, Its Origins, Nature, and Treatment. And a Time to Live. Conquering Cancer. Second Edition. By Richards Victor. pages. University of California Press, Berkeley, Los Angeles, and London, 1978. Price, $12.50. Toward Emotional Well-Being During the Crisis of Cancer. By Cantor Robert Chemin. pages. Harper & Row, Publishers, New York and Hagerstown, 1978. Price, not given. By Israel Lucien. pages. Random House, New York, 1978. Price, $10.00.

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These books were written mainly for the layman, but two of them are worth the attention of students and physicians. The Wayward Cell: Cancer, Its Origins, Nature, and Treatment gives a broad look at the biology, epidemiology, history, pathology, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer, with four chapters by Denise Scott on psychosocial problems. This edition appears to have been updated from the first edition by adding the chapter “Cancer—1977” rather than by integrating new content into the original structure. Premedical students, medical students, and physicians who are looking for a readily readable, informal account of how we look at cancer

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