Renal Function. Edited by Giebisch Gerhard H. Purcell Elizabeth F., pages. Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation, New York, 1977. Price, $10.00.

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Report of a conference held 7 to 9 February 1977, with sessions covering glomerular function, electrolyte transport, proximal tubular fluid and electrolyte transport, and endocrine functions of the kidney. First session focuses on fine structure of the mammalian glomerulus, site of the filtration barrier, site of charges within the glomerular membrane, and important aspects of the kinetics of the formation of the glomerular filtrate. The second section includes new insights into active and passive transcomponents, the coupling of individual transport processes, and the cotransport of sodium with sugars and amino acids. Contributers represent fields of physiology, biochemistry, biophysics, histology, endocrinology,

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