Current Views in Gastroenterology. Symposia and Round Table Conferences of the 10th International Congress of Gastroenterology, Budapest, 1976. Edited by Varró V. Bálint G. A., Volume, pages; Volume, pages. Hungarian Society of Gastroenterology, Budapest, 1977, 1978. Price, not given.

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Topics covered in Volume I are colorectal cancer, consequences of circulatory failure in the mesenteric region, cell maturation and renewal in the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine disturbances in chronic hepatic diseases, computer science in gastroenterology, acute and chronic pancreatitis, current procedures for early detection of gastric cancer, hepatic insufficiency, and disorders of the esophagus. Volume II deals with atypical forms of gastroduodenal ulcer disease, carbohydrate absorption, malabsorption, current problems of proctology, cholestatic liver disease, postcholecystectomy syndrome, hemostatic disturbances in digestive and liver diseases, immunologic aspects of the gastrointestinal tract, neurohormonal regulation and dysfunction of gastrointestinal motility, ileal bypass in the treatment

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