Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology. Second Edition. Edited by Brooks Frank P., pages. Oxford University Press, New York 1978. Price: hardbound, $16.95; softbound, $8.95.

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Having decided to put together a book on gastrointestinal pathophysiology, the editor has had the problem of shaping the subject to the mold. The topics he selected are covered in eight chapters: symptoms and esophageal, gastroduodenal, pancreatic, hepatic, and intestinal diseases; syndromes related to gastrointestinal surgery; and, finally, a chapter on gastrointestinal cancer, which is new to this edition. The conventional organ-system layout makes conforming to the title difficult; and, indeed, most sections are written in the conventional clinical organdisease format. Although many subjects are not amenable to a pathophysiologic approach, the excellent section on jaundice should serve as a

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