Endocrinopathy and Spastic Paraplegia

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To the editor: I read with interest “Abnormal Function of Endocrine Pancreas and Anterior Pituitary in Friedreich's Ataxia” (1). The neurodegenerative system disorders are occasionally accompanied by endocrinopathies (2, 3), but the participation of hypothalamus had not been established clearly.

Recently, we studied another example of the association of motor disturbance and endocrinopathies. Our patients were three siblings 30, 28, and 25 years old with dwarfism, hypogonadism, spastic paraplegia, atypical retinal degeneration, and mental retardation. They were not obese and had no digital anomaly. These physical abnormalities are consistent with the Laurence-Moon syndrome (4) or Laurence-Moon-Hutchinson syndrome (5). The sella

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