Lymphoreticular Disease. By Carr I. Hancock B.W. Henry L. Ward A. Milford. Edited by Carr I., pages. Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford and London, 1977. Price, $26.00.

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The british city of Sheffield and the Sheffield lymphoma group might have become distinguished for their review of the malignant lymphomas if their two pathologists, one clinician, and one immunologist has stuck to their intent and provided us with “a brief account of disease of the lymphoreticular system as seen mainly in a cancer hospital in a British provincial city …” Instead, they scratched their way into an academic crevice from which some other guide will be needed to find a way out (to use their own adopted metaphor).

The literary references to “through the looking glass and what Alice found there” and to Humpty Dumpty's definition of what words mean are profound but did not bestow on the editor the ability to cut through the confusion of histologic verbiage and multiple histologic identification systems that have plagued us for the past

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