Perspectives in Coeliac Disease. Edited by McNicholl B. McCarthy CF. Fottrell P.F., pages. University Park Press, Baltimore, 1978. Price, not given.

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Proceedings of the Third Symposium on Coeliac Disease held 19–21 September 1977 in Galway, Ireland. Topics include studies of the biochemistry of gluten toxicity in the laboratory, in patients, and in organ culture; inheritance of the disease, HLA and B-cell antigens, immunologic abnormalities and their detection in blood and in skin; and the problem of malignancy. Long- and short-term tolerance to gluten, patients' problems coping with the disease, recent advances in enzymology, and application of new work on gut hormones to diagnosis and understanding of the disease are also discussed. Liberally illustrated; subject index. For gastroenterologists, biochemists, immunologists, oncologists,

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